Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in Pictures

So excited to color the eggs . . . 

Zach likes to get creative with his coloring

Naomi hunted for eggs at our local community park

Big brother giving her tips on finding eggs

So many eggs to be found

Cheering his sister on, I was proud of him he really let her find every single egg.

and boy did she find a ton

On our way out she found one of 10 "golden eggs" so she traded it in for a pillow pet 

Zach hung out on the side lines with the dogs

I think he feels a bit to old to hunt for eggs

After church on Sunday we had family over and another egg hunt . . . Thanks to Auntie Laurie for bringing over a bunch of stuffed eggs.

The hunt in our back yard

The Easter Bunny is getting creative in his hiding

Yep, someones big brother stole an egg, but that was after the little princess stole one of his eggs.  Go Figure