Saturday, February 4, 2017

Surgery - thoughts

The walk into the hospital is not done easily by this girl.  It is hard, so hard that her daddy gets to carry her.  

Checking in - she is hopeful that maybe just maybe she can hide and sneak away.  Sorry babe!  You sure look cute down there on the floor.

She perked up when that special daddy of her found a nice quiet place to color.

I got several hours of this girl all curled up on my lap.  She had this warm vacuum contraption thing.  Apparently by increasing the bodies temperature blood flow is increased reducing infection.

Here she is once we got to our room.  The lovely Children's hospital always pages me to come back to the recovery room to be with her just before she wakes up.  It really is so important to my girl.  I am so grateful that they "get it".  My girl has some deep trauma from her first hospital experience in China.

I couldn't resist her cuteness.  I LOVE LOVE these precious little eyes.

I am deeply grateful that I get to be this girls momma, that I get to be the one to care for her in the hospital.  That Pete and I get to be her parents. It is pretty special to see Pete be such a good daddy.  For us to do this together.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Surgery went well

Surgery started several hours late.  We have a meticulous surgeon and he had a hard case ahead of us.  It was hard on our girl but was out of everyone's control.  A price you pay for having such an awesome surgeon.  

Surgery took just under three hours.  This was her second bone graft so we know the drill.  

She has a tummy ache so I am feeding her chicken noodle soup.  Noodles and broth.  She is a good slurper.  

Thanks for all the prayers.  This was by far the easiest as far as her anxiety.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bone Graft Surgery

This girl of mine is getting her "other side" done tomorrow.  

She really is not a fan of surgery.  She tries with all of her being to escape the operating table.  

Pray for my sweet girl and the dr's and nurses.