Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Life - 2

Gosh is has been a very emotional month and a half.  We went from 6 kids back to our core 4.

Fostering is hard.  In so many ways.  Walking alongside someone with significant trauma is so incredibly hard.  Keeping a kid in foster care for 1.5 years isn't fair. The unknown broke her.  I pray she will be healed.

Saying goodbye to a precious baby that we loved on and cared for for half of her life broke me.  Broke us. 

I am grateful for the journey.  It has shaped me.  It still is.  I am uncomfortable and I don't like it.  We will become stronger for it.  We will heal. 

It's been a month.  I want to jump right back into it but we need time. 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Gold Chains - Surgery

March 1 2019

Not much to say. This was the only photo I took and it was presurgery.  The smile is so forced, she is a ball of nerves before surgery.  We did do happy juice which we will do forever moving forward, 

Everytime she is at the hospital I am reminded of the gift she is to me.  She came to me from the other side of the world.  Her first mom carried her and gave birth to her and I (we) get to raise her to be the best Naomi she can be.  I am so LUCKY!  LOVE my girl to the moon and back a  bizzilion times.

Everytime she is in the hospital she shuts down and gets kinda mad at me.  It's OK.  see note above. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

5 years

Forever Family Day #5

I love remembering this day.  5 years ago in Hefei China we got handed a crazy, inquisitive, tiny, weathered, scared, squeaky (didn't talk), sneaky and beautiful little girl. 

It wasn't easy but I would choose to do it all over again and again for her, for us.  

She was itty bitty.  When we got home from China I bought her 5t clothes at almost 10 years old.

Her siblings were so excited to finally have her. 

She would sneak out of bed and hunt down any phone or kindle she could get her hands on. 

These are some happy parents . . . so so happy!

Now she has about 25 stuffed panda's on her bed

Is gorgeous, kind, compassionate, loving, smart, cello playing, singing and the best teenage daughter I could have ever asked for. 

Except for when she is giving me heart attacks for speeding so fast in her chair or doing some other dare devil act. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018


June 16th 2018

I only cried a handful of times.  My first born graduated and this packs a lot of emotions.  I guess the biggest is LOVE and Pride.  


I am so behind on so many things. 

Here are some photos of my handsome boy.  Headed to prom!  He went with his buddies.  Not really his thing but he did it and had a good enough time.  I am so glad he went.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Last Day!!

This kid of mine finished his very last day of school.

Graduation is on Saturday. 

I will post more later because today I can't quite see through my teary eyes. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017


This little boy went to Heaven yesterday.  He was a big ol' LOVE.  All he really wanted out of life was a warm lap, a car ride and an occasional rumpus with his big sister. 

He will be missed.