Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Ivy

SWEET Ivy is 7 years old, almost 8.  Born May 2004.

Her special need is a foot deformity, I have not seen her feet, she is standing and does have shoes on.

I wish you could see in full just how precious this little one is.  But you get the idea right?


Look at that smile

One more of her flashing the peace sign.  I think this is my favorite picture, I see a glimpse of her little personality.

My friend Myriam at Agape Adoptions has a video of her and says she is absolutely precious!!

Praying for you Ivy. . . that your forever family finds you very soon.

Sunday Snapshot

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday

 My first born, my baby is now 12 . . . OMG!!  

Not sure what is scarier: the time that seems to have flown by or the fact that in one year I will be a mom to a teenager???

This sweet little baby boy checked into this world 12 years ago at 9 pounds 7 ounces 19 inches long.  
Yes, he was a perfect little chunk of love. 
Zachary's  birth announcement 

Turned into my handsome biggest kid.  

Zach we are so proud of who you are and what you are becoming.  

I love this kid with all my heart.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My boy has been sick.  ASTHMA is kicking his butt.

 He missed all but one day of school last week.  The only reason I sent him that day was because it was my afternoon in his classroom (mamma bear was there to keep an eye on her little cub).
 There were several days that we were up every 2 hours giving him his "puffer"  far too often I know.  Better than the alternative.

I feel for all you with new wee ones in the home.  This night time stuff SUCKS!!

and in case you did feel sorry for me and the every 2 hour wake up call, things are getting better we are up to 4 hours between puffs.

Things are looking better now on day 11. After a round of steroids and and lots of movies.  

I think just maybe we have a handle on things.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

My Loves

We frosted cookies this weekend.

Hope you all shared a little love this Valentines Day. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


DOB: April 1999
SN:  right hand polydactylism, Hep B

Sophia is a very good student.  She is a good writer, takes initiative to learn and enjoys math.  She is confident at school.  Sophia is shy and somewhat introverted.   She likes to be helpful to adults and children, she is clever and sensible, polite, honest and simply a lovely child.  She currently lives in an orphanage.  

Look at those BEAUTIFUL eyes!  



DOB: April 2008
SN:  β- thalassemia

George is a shy little boy, His paper work states that he is introverted and shy and does not talk very much.  Though the pictures tell me something different.  He looks like a silly, playful  little fellow.   See for yourself.

He likes to sing himself to sleep at night. Oh to be a fly on the wall listening to that would be absolutely precious!

These kids are Special Focus children.

For full photo's and more info contact Agape Adoptions

Friday, February 3, 2012


DOB: August 2000
SN: Albinism

Larry enjoys singing and dancing so much that he likes to perform for adults.   School is important to him and it shows in his work.   He is adored by his peers and nannies, he generally has a smile on his face and never looses his temper.  He likes playing with his toy cars.  Larry's dream is to be a bus driver when he grows up.  

Now let's find this sweet boy his family.



DOB: August 2002
SN: Color Blind

Pete goes to a local school and is doing well.  He is likes to jump at home (assuming this means jump rope)  It is said that he is a lovely boy that gets a bit shy around strangers.   He is helpful around the house with chores and always makes his bed in the morning.  

These kids are Special Focus children.

For full photo's and more info contact Agape Adoptions


DOB: March 2001
SN: Missing left leg

Matt is a smart little boy.  He enjoys kindergarten, can count from 1-100, knows some English, loves leading the class in songs and generally likes to be a leader.  At 4.5 Matt was given an artificial leg, after some practice he has learned to walk and feels just like all the other kids.  

I just love his sweet smile and the joy he seems to have. 


DOB: February 2003
SN: Right arm/hand and leg deformity

Cory is a deep sleeper and healthy eater.  He is an energetic little fellow that likes to play with toys, his favorite is a ball.  He can draw simple shapes and his favorite color is red.  

 Just look at those sweet cheeks don't they just need a mommy to kiss em!


These kids are Special Focus children.

For full photo's and more info contact Agape Adoptions

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am very excited!!!

I have been feeling this, NEED.  

Need to do SOMETHING.  

for the 163 Million Orphans.

So a good friend of mine who happens to have her own adoption agency, is letting me advocate for some  kiddos, Chinese Kiddos.

We decided to start with some of the older boys.  Really, just a starting place.  

Sounds good to me.

This may turn into a new blog but for now I am staying close to home and using my family blog.  

These sweet boys are all Chinese and on the Shared list. Special Focus.

Hoping with our efforts we can find some families for these Orphans.

Myriam and I at the White Swan -2008-

Yous see Myriam found my baby girl for me and I know first hand that she is GOOD at what she does.  

I am off to look over these boys so I can start posting.  In order to comply with CCW*A I will not be able to share an entire face.  I hope to get creative.  

Come back and check out these kids.