Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Few Things

All for her

Grandma and Grandpa got her this cute doll for Christmas.  She opened it after her doctors apt this week.

As we left their house yesterday she stared at her Grandparents for an extra long time.  My guess is she likes having a family.

 This most wonderful soft blankey, so clearly marked all for her.  

 Her cozy bed handmade by Ye Ye.

I don't really think she gets the concept yet.  This girl of mine with the smile on her face loves to share.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Dr. Apt

I hate to admit it but I was kinda excited for this apt.  Curiosity was getting the best of me.
Honestly, we don't really have any new answers.  

The doctors gut instinct is on the same lines as mine.  Not hip dysplasia.  He along with the Chinese doctor think it might be neurological.   He thinks the scoliosis is probably due to the leg length discrepancy.  Her poor little leg gets cold the pulse is very week in it.   She falls often but does get around on her own quit well.  

During our visit today this sweet smiling girl was so scared and I mean SCARED!  She cried her little eyes out.  No shots or blood draws.  I so want to know what happened to her during those first 9 years??? 

We have a referral for Orthopedic and will go from there.  

Did you know that Nordstrom will sell you different sizes if the discrepancy is big enough? (Left foot 12.5, Right 10)

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Friday after a "normal" day (whatever normal is after only being home for 7 days),  a trip to the park with friends and looking at photo's from her orphanage  "home".  I was cleaning up the Kitchen and looked over to see tears rolling down her face.

It was the first time I got to see her cry.  Remember I could hear her scream and cry during the blood draw for her medical exam in China.  I know saying "got" to see her cry sounds mean.  When a child is taken from all she knows, good, bad, happy, sad, loved, not loved, fed or not it is loss. BIG loss.  I believe she must grieve.  The tears are one tiny step to healing her heart.

I am sure all of you have noticed that Evelyn has a smile on her face all.the.time.

Here I tried to get her to NOT smile   . . . I just wasn't workin for her

Using Google translate we figured out that she missed her friends.  There are 4 or 5 kids that she really misses.  She cried and my heart broke for her.  You know what?  She let me hold her kiss her and wipe her tears.  I sure LOVE this little girl.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Little Helper

She insisted on helping vacuum.  

who was I to argue?!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mei guo

The second we landed Evelyn turned to me and said "meiguo??"  Yep! you got it girl we are in America.

We had the most awesome greeting crew.

I cried like a baby shed a few tears.  Seriously,  the love and support from just about everyone is outstanding, wonderful and amazing.

When I was wavering that one afternoon just after we locked this girls file a very sweet friend told me that if we followed God's call to adopt her we would be blessed.   I have felt so much love and support during this adoption. WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED!

Her first car seat ride.  She only tried to take off her seatbelt twice.  Not bad considering.

Seeing her new bed for the first time.  

So happy to see all the fresh fruit in the kitchen.  We washed it up with water from the tap then drank a glass of tap water.  Something you just don't do in China.

She found the baby dolls

More soon.  Having a newly adopted 9 year old around is a bit like having a 2 year old again.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Final Day in China - Guangzhou

Today we ventured out and met some friends at a park across town.  No guide no taxi just a map.  The problem was half of the street signs are not in pinyin.  We finally made it to said park and got to see more of the local life style along the way.  

We had a great day with new friends that we have grown to love in a short time.

These ladies were doing this dance with a racket and ball.  They were GOOD.

Evelyn enjoyed her first ride on the shark spray ride.  She then pointed at the pirate ship like she wanted to try it out.

Maybe not the best plan for a newly adopted child. 

Farewell to a country I love.  Thank you for two beautiful daughters.  

Next post state side.
Looking forward to seeing friends and family at the airport.

P.S.  I used tap water to brush my teeth and have lived to tell .

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Consulate Appointment

We had our US Consulate Appointment today.  Which means tomorrow we get Evelyn's visa to travel to the US and the moment she hits US soil she becomes a citizen.  

I am a bit weepy today.  So many emotions.  Our time is almost done here in China, tomorrow is our last day and then we head back home.  I am eager to be home but sad to leave.

Two of my children were born in this country.  I have waited years to be back here to show my family why I love China.  I am anxious as to what our new "normal" will be.  The unknown is a bit scary.

Our newest girly is opening up a bit, becoming a bit more animated a bit silly and of course a bit naughty.

I have never had this much uninterrupted time with my hubby.  Did I just say uninterrupted?  Ha ha!  very interrupted (with 4 kids much is interrupted)  but you get what I mean.  Time together.  I like our time together.

All these photo's were taken at a memorial park today.  

More sweet new friends.  These 3 are 3 less orphans and we are such lucky families.

Tomorrow is our last breakfast buffet. OMG for those who have not had Chinese breakfast buffets,  Let me just say YUMMY and STUFFED each and everyday.   I will have to cook again!  NO!

Gorgeous girls!!!