Friday, June 17, 2016


Oh My Gosh!! Ya'll donated big!!  

I was waiting for this post because I needed this picture.  Ha!  I know it is probably the least exciting photo of all time.  Honestly it is BIG!!

First let me fill you in on what it is.  Drum roll please . . . A/C Unit.  FOR THE KIDS!!  Let me tell you it was HOT on that second floor orphanage.  

And just so you can see some of the precious faces it will help comfort this summer and in years to come.  

Not only are we keeping these sweet kids cool.  This gift opened the door to a new agreement with Agape Adoptions and the orphanage.  This  means they can place these kids with forever families.    This is GOOD GOOD news!!

We were also able to bring these treats to the kids at a different orphanage.   The first thing they went for was the Milk!

Then there was all of this . . . I schlepped  3 50lb suitcases along with my carry-ons.  No Joke!!  Myriam did the same.  We got quite the stares.  

We were able to give to all 5 orphanages!  Thank you!

Myriam and I both THANK YOU so very much!

On a personal note it meant a lot to me to have all of your love and support.  Thank you just isn't enough!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tiffany - Foster Care

After visiting an orphanage we headed out to see a few of the kids in foster homes.  Our final stop for the day was to see Tiffany.

As we drove up we saw these 2 ladies.  Um Yea . . . they were tough, strong and weathered looking.  Bad Ass!!  They must have carried an entire truck load of pipes that afternoon.  

After winding through the alleys roads we came upon this sweet face.  Actually, when we first got to the foster home Tiffany was crying.  She was going to miss the second half of school and was really sad.  This girl loves school.  Honestley, she really doesn't like it when she sees the orphanage people.  She worries she will have to go back there and it makes her so so sad.  

Tiffany is 6 years old.   She went to live with her foster family when she was a wee one.  Upon arrival she was very sick and frail.  Her foster family says they honestly didn't know if she would make it.  Well here she is many years later.  Clearly she made it!  Isn't she ADORABLE!!!  

She wrote her numbers for us.

She even sang a cute little song.  If only you could hear her sweet voice, it was precious.

 Tiffany is smart and silly.  She has Cerebral Palsy which in my eyes seemed very mild.  

Oh My!  I can't get enough of her cuteness.  

She took us out front and for started running down this steep hill.  I was terrified she would biff it.  NOPE!  She made it to the bottom with ease. 

 We played a little game of tag, her giggle was darling !!!

 Clearly I took about a 1004 photos of her.  I couldn't help myself.  

I would absolutely LOVE to find Tiffany a  momma and baba!  Could she be your girl?  

Contact Myriam or me with any questions.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How Adoption Road Became Part of our Story

I just went back and read the beginning of our Story .  Go check it out!

Friday, June 3, 2016


Next up is Luke.  He is pictured bellow with Mimi but it is his turn to be in the spot light.

He just turned 9 and lives with Mimi (see below)  

Luke loved the sunglasses we brought for him and his friends, along with the stickers and balloons.  

We had to get a photo of his awesome eyes without the glasses.  Isn't he so handsome!

Here he is participating in the music performance.  

He rocked it! and I kinda think he knew he did great!  

This little guy has androgyny (female appearance, male chromosome).  He did not let us see his "parts"  for which I am grateful that he has that boundary.   We are working on getting a little more clarification on his SN.   

Here I am feeling so proud to be with these darling boys!  It really was an honor to hang out with them for even just a short time.

Luke was smart and engaging.  He followed us around  the entire time we were there.  Luke is age appropriate, makes great eye contact and seems developmentally appropriate.

Sweet Luke would love to have a family of his very own.  Imagine how much he would grow and thrive knowing what it feels like to be loved, protected, respected and cared for.  I pray that Luke knows this very very soon.

Please contact Myriam at Agape Adoptions or me for more information.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Introducing Mimi

 Mimi is an orphan.  She has NO parents...NO family for that matter.

Mimi is a sweet and spunky 12 year old girl who lives in an orphanage in Southern China.  

I had the privileged of spending a bit of time with her last week and fell in Love with her. 

She is very sweet to the little kids especially this little guy.   

For a girl who has not had a formal education, she was able to write her numbers and draw shapes.  I am pretty sure the characters are her name.  She appeared to be a smart little cookie.

Here she is with her little buddy again and another boy who is 9 (If my memory suits me)  One can see that she is very little with a webbed neck.      

Mimi learned a few simple English words during our visit.  She would run over to me repeating these words then run off giggling.  I am telling you she is smart and ADORABLE!!!

Here she is performing with the older kids.  She was so proud singing and took it very seriously. 

Don't let the converse fool you.  Yes they are cute!  But - I did not see any toys at the orphanage, I think 90% of the kids are nonverbal.  It was a very sad place!  She needs OUT of there ASAP!

Mimi wants parents badly, (we asked her.)  I think she will do very well and my guess is she will grow and thrive once she is in a loving home. 

Is she your daughter?  If not, there are other ways to help.  Spreading the word and/or financial support towards her adoption are great ways to get involved.

Please contact Myriam at Agape Adoptions or feel free to reach out to me