Thursday, April 29, 2010


My sweet, feisty, busy, clumsy little girl has ANOTHER broken arm. Yes another, remember last February 3 months after coming home from China.

Yep 2 boys NOT a single broken bone and now my little girl has had 2. CHEESH!!!

It was a tough day so many tears such a sad baby. I think she get's a bit of grieving done in times like this.

Pete came home from work to go with us to the doctors so she had both her mommy and daddy lovin on her. She needs it and so get's to have it. I am so grateful that I have it to give.

It makes me happy to be there for her in the hospital. I always think of when her lip was repaired in China, she did not have a mommy to love her . . . crushes my heart.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Zach along with all his 4th grade classmates have been working with Pacific Northwest Ballet for several months. Well, Saturday was the big day, they presented us with a little modern ballet at McCaw Hall, a very large venue. Zach even had a speaking part (I think it was one word . . . but still) The deal is I would have peed my pants and then fallen to the ground if I was on a stage like that.

Here is my handsome little fellow

I have a little problem . . . when my kids do stuff like this I overfill with pride and joy and start crying. What is up with that? A mom thing? Gotta be

Monday, April 12, 2010


That is for me and my extremely encouraging and supportive girlfriends . . . We ran 7 miles this weekend. More than half way to our goal of 13.1 by the end of June.

I have been out of the fitness world since let's say December of 08 (the month I traveled to China).

See it doesn't matter if I give birth or travel halfway around the world . . . I still put on a little extra booty.

Speaking of booty
aren't they cute

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The amount of times Naomi has asked Why so far today. Although she says "eyeeeee"

eyeeeee? do we need to go potty
eyeeeee? do we need to wipe after we go potty
eyeeeee? do we pull up our panties after we go potty
eyeeeee? do we need to wash our hands after we go potty
eyeeeee? do we need to dry our hands after we wash our hands
eyeeeee? do we need to leave the bathroom after we do all of the above

eyeeee? do we eat breakfast
eyeeee? do we take the boys to school
eyeeee? do we shut the car door

It is just "eyeeeee" because she has very few words

You get it . . . . driving me a bit crazy and it has only just begun.

Good thing she is so stinkin cute
Oh! how I love this little girl

Sunday, April 4, 2010