Monday, March 15, 2010

Never say Never

I have another "I will never" life decision to add. . . take a look

When Zach and Nathaniel got home from school today I had a little scavenger hunt for them

The first clue

What is next??

Figuring out the final clue

"Cookin up a hot-dog" "but don't eat this one"

The prize - DUKE!!!

Hanging out by the Barbecue. He did bark a few times during the hunt, but luckily the boys did not clue in on it.

A DELIGHTED little boy and his dog

Three very happy kids, one very bossy girl already signing to Duke "go potty"

A tired boy . . . we took our evening walk with the little boy. It is nice to have a dog again. Never would I have a small dog . . . Geesh! Hard to resist when they are so dang adorable and sweet!!!


Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Oh that is so awesome Amy...I love the scavenger hunt idea for the much fun is that! And the greatest reward at the end...a little puppy they can snuggle and love! The kids must be in pure heaven. Ok so you don't have to answer this but is your new Duke the Duke you babysat while your friend was in China...or is this a new Duke?
Congrats a bazillion times!!

Seth said...

So that's it? We talk about it on Sat. and on Monday you have a new dog? That was quick. Next thing you know you'll be driving a minivan ;)

Seth said...

It's really me...

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Your post was so heartwarming..and I had a huge smile on my sweet..
how touching:)