Friday, October 15, 2010


We are on borrowed time. Naomi is still being seen for speech at her birth to 3 program, the problem is she is 3 now and as soon as her speech teacher gets a new student she has to let Naomi go. So sad because I love her speech therapist she is good, she gets Naomi and all her antics and believe me she has MANY. I get attached to these peeps.

The school district has picked up her speech services but only once a week. Honestly that just is NOT going to cut it for our girl. Naomi is very delayed and with speech apraxia thrown in there, well, she has a loooong why to go. She is making progress but I see many of years ahead of her.

So anyway, I was filling out forms for private speech and another program. It always hits me when they ask for her medical and birth history. We have almost None. We know so very little about those first 15 months of her life and a big fat 0 for birth and pregnancy info. It makes me Sad, but for her. I wonder how much this will bother her as she gets older??? When she is filing out these forms for herself???

It makes me long for her to know just a little history. I know she won't.

As for me I am so proud, beyond PROUD that my daughter is from China that God chose her to be



Ours because her daddy and brothers are quite smitten with our girl.

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Carrie said...

What an adorable picture, Amy!! She is so precious!! ;)