Friday, January 21, 2011


Isn't she sweet. 

 I can't wait to get my hands on her.  Tomorrow 3 PM  Sharp. 

She needs a name.  The people at the Shelter call her Thelma.  I think it's kinda cute, but the kids, not so much.

Zach wants to name her Duchess  because her big yet not so big dog brother is Duke

Nathaniel is hoping for ToTo, Yes we watched Wizard of Oz last weekend

Naomi agrees with whoever she feels like at the moment.  Though she sounds awful cute saying Duchess.

Any name suggestions for our new puppy???  Love to hear ideas.


Avery Adventures said...

okay my dear, rawhides are no good for the pooch. I love Thelma.... I am going to call her that no matter what ya'll decide! Just kidding.... but Thelma is so dang cute! I love puppy breath.

Anonymous said...

Seth and I both thought of Coco, 'cuz she's all chocolate-y. Cuuute.