Friday, August 12, 2011

My Brave Girl

It was a long day at Seattle Children's Hospital, so happy we did not have stay the night and so grateful that we have such an amazing hospital in our area.

waiting before the procedure . . . lookin CUTE!

Coloring with our friend Ali - she joined us because daddy could not get the day off of work.

getting all gowned up, she was a brave girl

thinking the red socks were pretty cool.

Naomi woke up very, very, very SAD from the procedure.  Hospital protocol is no parents until the child is out of recovery (about an hour after)  Well they called me back because Naomi was so upset.  I could not get to her fast enough.  Oh my was my heart breaking for her.

She is all smiles again.  They wanted her to stay on her side for several hours. Try keeping Naomi in any one position for more than 2 seconds.  Ha Ha!!! We gave up on that idea pretty quick.
 Starting to get crazy silly

Pardon the Kai Lan panties
Gone CRAZY!!!

Naomi spent some time with the camera (trying to occupy her)  She took this of Ali and I.  You see Ali is an amazing friend in so many ways but yesterday she took a day off of work and spent it with us in the hospital.  True friend I tell you.

Nurse Princess . . . no joke her name is Princess (she told us)  Good name for a great nurse in a hospital for kids.

I think Naomi all in all enjoyed her day of getting just about everything she wanted with lots and lots of attention.  Love my girl.  

Tomorrow is Referral anniversary.  YIPPEE!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy everything went well and she was able to go home the same day. We have kept her in our prayers.

Eli's Mom

Sandy said...

So glad things went well! Happy Referral Day!

Anonymous said...

love to take off her cute panties