Saturday, August 31, 2013


Yesterday 8.30.2013 our dossier headed to China. . . Few! and YIPPEEEEE!

This is really happening and we couldn't be more excited.

I want to share a few baby photos of our new girl.  Yep we are blessed to have so many photos of her when she was a wee one.

Our sweet love still needs a name.  What is it with us that we can't decide on a name?

I like a good traditional name that is not trendy.  HMMMMM!!!


Anonymous said...

How did she get looked over all these years? How about Alice or Lila or Cora? April or Lydia, Georgia (Georgie for short), Elodie (French), or Hope - here is what Bible gateway says about the Lydia of the Bible ( --heather

Holly said...

How special to have some early pictures. We have a number for one of our daughters, and only referral pics for the other. It makes me sad for her.
Enjoy the name hunt. Will you keep any of her Chinese name?

bella said...

shes a Bella LOL

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful precious girl. Praying everything goes quickly and smoothly and your bring your little one home to her forever family. Yay.

God bless