Thursday, December 12, 2013


I will get to hold my little one.  See her meet her baba and brothers and sister and grandpa.  Touch her precious skin and tell her I love her.  

We got new photos and measurements.  What a treat.  

She is an itty bitty thing.  3'6" and  45lbs  all at 9 years old.

Her paperwork says she is 9 although we have two videos of her saying she is seven. 

Check out the awful hair-do and the SASS!

I can barley control my excitement and anticipation.  

Hurry up TA!!!


Anonymous said...

Adorable. Praying you new precious jewel gets home to her forever family quickly and smoothly.


ChouchouPoussin said...

Congratulations !
when i look her teeth i think she is 7 years old too and i'm dentist.
Sometimes children have the teeth lately but it's exeption.

good trip to your girl

Severine from France