Monday, November 17, 2014

Surgery 11-11-14

Apparently the procedure that my girl had done is rarely done anymore.  She had a Maxillary setback or as we like to call it the "lump" that her front teeth are in set up and back.  That entails some bone cutting and resetting.  OUCH!  


The bribery gifts that this brave girl earned. 

 Lego time! 

SCORE!!!  one of the sweet nurses delivered this AWESOME Hello Kitty blankey 

Seriously this girl is SO BRAVE!  Braver than I could ever be.  She is back to school this week, minus recess and PE.

I am excited to see how it looks once the swelling is gone and she is willing to open her mouth wide enough for me to see in.

I made her laugh tonight which in-turn made her cry because smiling hurts too much.

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Loyola said...

I'm hoping it will help her (smiling, chewing, speaking, etc) but she is already beautiful! Of course, you know that. I'm looking forward to the "after" pics when the swelling is gone too.