Friday, January 6, 2017

Forever Family Day - THREE years

The day we got Huai Dong Jiao.  3 years ago

We arrived at the civil affairs office and got to see this sweet family and their boy meet for the very first time.  Such a beautiful thing to watch.  

Then we got word that the fog was causing our girl a delay.  DELAY!!  really??!!

Her arrival

Zach and his new sister
 Jeez she was little!  

Bracelet making sure helped break the ice.  

The hand print

Pete and I on cloud 9

It didn't take her long to find my cell phone. She must have opened every door, drawer, cabinet  and flipped every light switch 63 times each.  She did not speak but squeaked instead.  We were a bit shocked.  

 We decided to head to the pool with our new daughter and new friends.  

She sat next to me for a good 20 minutes before she ventured into the water.  

The pool was a great way to get her relaxed and clean.  

All dressed and ready for dinner

 Dinner with friends.  Thank God for our friends.  

Matching P/J's - SISTERS!

I get all teary eyed remembering this day.  Truly one of the best days of my life.  I am so thankful for my family.    Every single one of them!

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