Friday, July 7, 2017

A little update on our journey:

We got licensed on May 19th at about 4 pm.  We got our first call about 5pm.  Yep it took all of one hour.  I said no as we had too much going on.  My hubby is a Rock Star and his band had a gig that night.  Something we had been looking forward to for a while (Ok, maybe star is a little exaggerated, he is my star (sorry to make you vomit))

Of course said child is heavily on my mind.  I decided to call in the morning and if she hadn't been placed she could finish up the weekend with us.  As you can see a month and a half later she is still here.

It ain't easy!  Kids from hard places are hard to parent.  Really what it is is we have to be 100% on ALL THE TIME.  The moment I feel like throwing in the towel I get a sweet note under my pillow or a big ol'hug or a "you are a good mom and dad"  (as in she has never had one of those before)

It is really hard on my kids. I am not seeing the sweet, loving side of my children as of late and that is hard to watch.

We keep on keeping on.  We can do hard things especially with sweet moments sprinkled in.

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