Monday, February 23, 2009

Broken arm????

Naomi and I had a lovely day on Saturday, we went on a nice walk the kind were the baby walks you know you look at every passing car, dog, leaf, person, bug . . . everything. The kind that takes an hour to go 6 blocks. I love this and she seemed to also. I really enjoy her. Now that I have 3 little people to take care of when I am with only 1 it seems so care free. Maybe a little too care free. You see Saturday afternoon we went out on the deck and there is a single step, I thought oh she can handle that, and not like she going to die or something if she falls. Well she fell and did not die (of course) but now I am eating my words. So . . . Saturday night we were at a girlfriends birthday party and Naomi was super fussy, then Sunday she was fussy not horrible but a little out of sorts. So this morning putting her in her car seat she cried when I put the strap over her right arm. Oh and last night when daddy was giving her a bottle she cried when he touch her right arm. So I called the nurse and she asked if she could twist her wrist so I tried and she screamed. We are going in at 1PM. I will let you all know how it goes.

P.S. my gut was telling me something was up on Saturday night but I was not quite sure what it was ( I know Duh!) Lesson learned always listen to your gut especially when it comes to your kids.
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Avery Adventures said...

okay- keep me posted ...... but in the end don't worry! It's OK!! Remind me to tell you about the time I walked around for 10 days with a broken wrist..... so see just a day or two is fine!!