Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Tid-Bits

Poor bunny . . . But look how stinkin cute Naomi is. I just love her to bits and pieces.
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I got these pretty flowers from my Honey on Valentines day along with a cup of coffee in bed (red mug). . . isn't he sweet. We spent our valentine dinner with some friends, our boys have so much fun together, and so do us grown-ups.

Sunday we had some family time at the park with some longtime friends it was cold but fun. We had a nice easy going weekend. Just enough to keep us busy, but not too much.

We ended our weekend with banana splits. Check out the great hair. I love the curls, though I am thinking of shaving Zach's head while he is sleeping some night. No . . I would not do that but I am ready for a new doo. Now I better hope he does not read this, you know if he does he will never change the hair.

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Emily said...

i like Thanie's t-shirt!!! Charlie Brown! Don't shave Zach's head!!! Hehe!!! :)