Sunday, April 5, 2009


Who needs a tail anyways? Here is our Aspen without a tail, I figured for those who are squeamish a profile shot would be best. Last night one would have thought we had a newborn around, your royal heiness was up every couple hours. Today she was able to get outside and sun herself, I think she will sleep well tonight. She is feeling much better today and as soon as she can
take the cone off of her head I think she will be allot happier.

Notice the sunburn? Opps!! Zach redeemed his birthday gift from us. He and dad went snow boarding (first time for both of them) on Saturday. From the sounds of it they had a fun day and were able to make it down the mountain successfully. I had the sunscreen in the bag. I had to say that so you all would think I was the good parent, right?
Zach's followup appointment on Thursday went good. Most of the labs are back and normal but still waiting the results on a few, keeping our fingers crossed.

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