Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Enough for one week

Thanie had his annual eye appointment this week. My little guy has a coloboma (we usually call it his little eye) in his left eye. When his right eye is patched he can see the second biggest letter on the eye chart, not bad considering when he was born they thought he would be blind in that eye. Recently, Than has been asking more questions about his "little eye." He wants it to be big. Today we asked the eye doctor about a contact for it which will not correct his vision but might make his eye look bigger. Tough decision, as the doctor says he does not like to put 5 year olds in contacts. We only want to make Than's transition to Kindergarten next year as easy as possible for him. We will see...

Friday our pretty old lady is getting her tail hacked off. She has a big'ol tumor on it. Our neighbor is a vet so she will be in good hands. We decided not to find out if/what stage cancer it is. We have decided we wouldn't put her through Chemotherapy anyway... So we will have a white lab without a tail but hopefully with a longer life. We love this girl lots, she was our first born.

Tomorrow I take Zach to the doctors office for a followup appointment. We spent Saturday night in the ER. I am really hoping that everything is working right now. I am being vague because I don't think he wants me to tell the entire world about his stuff. He is 9 now and has an image to maintain. BLAH!

I am hoping that Saturday all this will be behind us. Good thoughts and prayers Please
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