Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hard Morning

This week we had to take away Wii privileges from Zach, homework has become to sloppy and unimportant to him. He is MAD!!! Oh very MAD!!! And now would like to make my life as miserable as he sees his. You see he loves his Wii (we did not let him have a game system until this Christmas). He knows my buttons and pushes them hard, his is smart. Yesterday he told me I should be on the Biggest Looser (we have been watching the show and I have been doing Weight Watchers) pretty funny . . . ha ha , NOT. he new that would get me. I passed that one by saying "oh I would love that" But some of his pushes have clearly gotten to me. I try, but who said this parenting thing was easy . . . I love him so much which makes this that much harder.

So today after dropping the boys off at school Naomi and I came home and took this sweet picture and did some snuggling and singing, relaxing and filled me right up again, thanks Naomi.

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Avery Adventures said...

Oh dear- so sorry.... it's just that he LOVES YOU so much, that when he's hurt, he goes to the person he knows will ALWAYS love him...... though I just can't imagine him disobeying.... little stinker!!