Wednesday, May 13, 2009


and Lovin it!!!!

I know this picture is blurry, hard to get picture of him holding still. He looks so happy and I love the his smile
I bought the lady bug sweater for Naomi in China (well I guess grandpa bought it for her/me) It has a Gymboree 4T tag in it, the one on the shelf next to it had a Gap 2T tag in it and it was even bigger (Naomi is currently wearing 18 month clothes). I guess they put tags in that will please the tourists.
I LOVE lilacs and my Chinese lanterns. I carried these lanterns from Nanchang to Guangzhou to Seattle. Probably time to take them down, but I love them . . . so maybe not.

I have done lots of fun things in my first few weeks of being unemployed. Couple zoo trips, lots of walks (I love walking with people) Last week I got to visit a sweet new baby in the hospital in the middle of the day when nobody else was there. Nothing like holding a brand new baby. Life is good. I have always dreamed of staying home full time with my peeps. Hoping it all works out.
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