Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lake Goodwin

We had a great long weekend at the Lake (not long enough, of course). We spent our time with great friends and their 2 boys. . . Here are some photo's from our weekend . . .

Beautiful Sunset from the deck

Lots and . . .

Lots . . .
of swimming, or floating as the case might be for me.

Games on the deck

Auntie Kim came and visited for the day

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Fishing with Dad

Boating and tubing, the boys had a blast on the inter tube.

The boys all zonked out after a long day . . . Movie time!

Smores with a lovely camp fire.

And a cute little naked tushie. Why do I just love a naked baby?
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I have been anxiously awaiting your return - I knew there would be some very cute pictures. Sounds like a nice little vacation. And those pictures capture the fun.

lauriet said...

oh, you had to rub it in with the s'mores picture, didn't you! ;)

Anonymous said...


Welcome back, we missed you. Glad you had a nice time at the cabin.