Monday, July 6, 2009

Wonderful 4th

We had the best all American Fourth of July. We went to a small town parade and fireworks show. The best part . . . we stayed with a family that I met in China, both of our daughters are from Jiangxi and both had the same Chinese name. We had a great weekend.

My American girl, what a doll! My China doll

The parade, doesn't get much better than a small town parade with lots of candy for the kids

The other ChuYu, my oh my isn't she a cutie. She gave me the biggest hug when we got to her house, that hug will last a long time it was so sweet.

The 2 ChuYu's together.

Zach on the rope swing. So much fun. This kid was in heaven all weekend long

Beautiful Sisters

Thanie found a new friend, he really likes this sweet little ChuYu. They played chase and then practiced somersaults on the lawn. He has been spelling her name all day today . . . sweet! I think he misses her.

More fun on the front lawn


Enjoying the sparklers

Ana's first time lighting off fireworks. Thank God everyone was safe

Watching the fireworks

And Chickens, they even had chickens, oh! better not forget the sweet dog. LOVELY WEEKEND!!!! I want chickens

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A little piece of 7th heaven said...

That is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen...and she looks quite lovely in it..
Happy 4th:)