Thursday, April 29, 2010


My sweet, feisty, busy, clumsy little girl has ANOTHER broken arm. Yes another, remember last February 3 months after coming home from China.

Yep 2 boys NOT a single broken bone and now my little girl has had 2. CHEESH!!!

It was a tough day so many tears such a sad baby. I think she get's a bit of grieving done in times like this.

Pete came home from work to go with us to the doctors so she had both her mommy and daddy lovin on her. She needs it and so get's to have it. I am so grateful that I have it to give.

It makes me happy to be there for her in the hospital. I always think of when her lip was repaired in China, she did not have a mommy to love her . . . crushes my heart.


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Wow...that is unbelievable! Were you at Children's? We were there this morning for Ty's ear tubes VERY early. I hope the cast comes off soon. On a bright note, it's a very cute cast, but she can make anything look cute!

loyola said...

Poor little thing. Is it time for a calcium supplement? Hope she gets
the cast off before summer arrives.

Sandy said...

Hope healing is quick! What a great smile for just getting a cast put on. :)