Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The amount of times Naomi has asked Why so far today. Although she says "eyeeeee"

eyeeeee? do we need to go potty
eyeeeee? do we need to wipe after we go potty
eyeeeee? do we pull up our panties after we go potty
eyeeeee? do we need to wash our hands after we go potty
eyeeeee? do we need to dry our hands after we wash our hands
eyeeeee? do we need to leave the bathroom after we do all of the above

eyeeee? do we eat breakfast
eyeeee? do we take the boys to school
eyeeee? do we shut the car door

It is just "eyeeeee" because she has very few words

You get it . . . . driving me a bit crazy and it has only just begun.

Good thing she is so stinkin cute
Oh! how I love this little girl


Carrie said...

She IS so stinkin' cute!! LOVE that last pic, especially!

Miss Sadie is doing the same thing! I think she said twenty times in five minutes, "Hey, Mom!"

My sister used to ask "Why" all the time ... my mom finally started telling her, "That's the way God made it!" ;)

Avery Adventures said...

no words, just laughter- she makes me laugh...... hard!!!!!

Jenn said...

She sounds so much like our Karleigh Mei! If I had a nickel for every time she asked why, I'd be a VERY rich woman! HA!

Yes...they are lucky they are so stinkin' cute!!

Can't wait to read more about your darling girl!