Friday, September 9, 2011

The Beach

Naomi and I went to the beach, just her and I. 

You know the boys are back at school, gosh my beach bag sure felt lighter.  Anyway Naomi thought we went to dig in the sand and play but I had another agenda.  

The beach,  little white dress, beautiful daughter and my camera.  

Before we got to the sand we spotted a train

Then we found a great little log

the wind was a blowin

and my girl was a smilin

She wants to go to the beach again.  I guess we both had a good ol' time.

I have a Nikon D50  and my lens broke (I have been borrowing my very generous neighbors)  I need to get a new lens.  Any suggestions . . .  the best bang for your buck????

This week I am joining
the long road


Sophie said...

She's so adorable

Branson said...

She is so sweet! I have a broken lens right now as well... no fun at all!