Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sunday September 4th was Naomi's 4th birthday.

Space Needle

Headed to the needle via monorail

Naomi LOVES her daddy and is so excited to be at the Space Needle . . . I may have to frame this for her room

My three waiting to go up to the top of the Needle

So high up  -   Looking at the amazing views of our beautiful city

Family Party

We were celebration my littlest people.  Nathaniel's birthday is December 24th so we try and celebrate in the summer, a half birthday (I know a bit late).

The birthday girl and her big brother

She's 4 and so stinkin CUTE!!

We have so much exciting news in our family a new baby coming this winter.  You should see one of the gifts that they gave Naomi . . .

Grandma and the 1/2 birthday boy

My sister, you may remember her she traveled with me to China.  This is her fiance'  . . . the wedding is on Friday and we are so excited.

My boy is loving all the Harry Potter gifts and I am loving his sweet little face and those little arms

 The Cakes

Nathaniel wanted an ice cream cake.  It was my first attempt at making one, chocolate cake with cookie dough ice cream and whipping cream on top.

Naomi wanted pink cake (champagne cake)

YeYe helped blow out the candles.

Thanks to Uncle Greg and Aunt Laurie these guys now reside on our outdoor fireplace.    I reminded them that they will soon have a baby girl who may want random tacky thing :)  

Truth of the matter as some how the story on how these pink dudes were chosen as a gift for Naomi puts a smile on my face.

P.S.  Aunti Laurie - last time I asked these pink dudes were named Greg and Laurie


lauriet said...

ha ha ha, I love it!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Everyone looks great! We love the Space Needle too!