Friday, January 13, 2012

Favorite Sweatshirt Friday

Today was dress up day at pre-school

It took some persuading by this sweet girly of mine.

You see, this little red Kai Lan sweatshirt is a size too small

I just would not want someones tummy hanging out getting cold

  How could I say no to that precious smile

Let's just say I couldn't.

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Anonymous said...

So glad your blog has a catchy name - it was easy to remember. I was in WA over thanksgiving and thought about you all wondering how each is doing and especially Naomi since she was the one still working on her communication. Love living in the South of France. Not working yet, figuring out how to get my SLP license and diploma recognized is not easy but trusting God if not this something else. A little encouraged when i saw your timeline and saw the difference between when you began thinking about adoption and when your hubby was on board. I'm too old for it to take that many years but perhaps praying is the first place to start. I hear it's very complicated in France (as are most paperwork things)but with Christ all things are possible if it is His will for us. Anyway, love the updates. Hope REFRESH is terrific. --heather (used to be slp to 2/3 Shelton kids)