Friday, January 6, 2012


Just bought tickets to this

My heart just aches for the 147 million orphans.  Like I think about it all the time.   I NEED to do something just something other than feeling sad about it.  I have had the privileged of volunteering for Love Without Boundaries over the last several months and I LOVE it.  It makes me feel like a teeny tiny itty bitty piece of the puzzle. 

 I would love love love to adopt again and pray that it will happen someday but for now it is not in our cards.

Not sure what this conference has to do with being anymore a piece of the puzzle but it feels good to go and learn.  Of course we still have a long road ahead with Naomi as she gets older and has more questions (might get some grand ideas at the conference)

The cool part about this conference is my hubby has a ticket too.


I am totally rambling and non of this really goes together but it is my blog so hey

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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