Thursday, April 19, 2012

Backyard Bike Ride

I have not played with my pictures for a while and apparently while I was not paying attention Picasa added a bunch of fun stuff.  

I spent a few minutes messing around with different settings. . . 

My jumping girl

 We call it pine cone pick up around our house

happy to be in the sunshine

Still loving every minute of the LWB Cleft Exchange, things are winding down.  I will be sad when it is over.  Seeing the babies transform is priceless.  My favorite picture from tonight was a little boy about a year old with a huge wide open smile.  It is funny how I barely notice the "cleft" it is just about the sweet babies.  

Just like my sweet baby.   Who *GULP* is 4.5 now.

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Sandy said...

She is priceless and that smile....brighter than the sunshine!