Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WOW!! I LOVE this

Though it hurts, makes me cry and laugh and feel giddy inside.  It still hurts.  Because these precious little people are orphans.  No mommy or daddy or brother or sister or aunts and uncles, grandparents.  Nobody to call their very own.

Though this week they have people lovin on them.  This weeks starts Love Without Boundaries Cleft Exchange.  For more info LWB Blog

I have the privilege of helping (just a very little bit) on this side of the world a completely different time zone.  I get to see these sweet orphans have lip repairs (a few palates too), the before and after photos.  These wonderful doctors giving their time to make new smiles, a new lease on life.


I woke up last night several times (not my plan)  I prayed for the doctors, nannies, staff and children . . . prayed like crazy.

As most of you know my girly is a cleft kiddo. Guess who sponcered her sugery while she waited for us in China.  O.K.  maybe she wasn't waiting for us but we sure were waiting for her (not so patiently I might add)

Yep it was Love Without Boundaries.  I am so grateful for them.  For repairing my girls lips and giving me this  AMAZING WEEK but mostly LOVING and CARING for ORPHANS.

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