Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cleft Appointment

What a day it was.  So very l.o.n.g.

5 doctors.

First we had a hearing test.  She hears very well though not much movement by the ear drum.

We saw Dr. Hing she is the genetics doctor.  Do we or do we not have all her little chromosomes looked at????

The speech pathologist thinks she has apraxia of speech (not the first person to suggest this)  not a firm diagnosis.  I am going to try and get her into private speech along with what the school district provides.

Dr. Tse would like to do a lip and nose revision and try to close her fistulas behind her gumline.  It MIGHT help with speech.  He thinks it will set the stage for her bone graft.  We are looking at early fall.  I feel fine about this.

ENT doctor says leave well enough alone.  She is not getting ear infections and is hearing so well so why do tubes.  I agree.

My baby girl fell asleep in my arms between appointments.  Oh it was GLORIOUS!  I don't think she has sat still long enough to do that for years.  I soaked my girl in big time.  Watched her breath, sniffed her sweet smell and admired all her beautiful features.


Holly said...

Nothing like having your sweet little girl asleep in your arms. Sweetness.

1001tears said...

Such a beauty! Oh how those cleft team visits are looonnnnggg! But how wonderful she doesn't even need tubes!