Friday, July 20, 2012

A bit of summer

We have had a very chill summer thus far.  We had our weekend away with friends which was fun but oh so short.  

The last 2 weeks has consisted of daily swim lessons for my littlest 2.  It is paying off.  

Far too much ice cream.

Playing with friends.

Going to the zoo.

This little boy has helped me walk the neighbors dogs and boy do I LOVE his company.  He has stepped up and become the big kid with his brother gone.  Reminds me how important date time with each kid is.

The biggest news is my man got a new job.  He has been in the auto industry for 17 years (service side)  High stress and lots of hours.  Well he kissed that goodbye 2 weeks ago and went to work for a Marine company.  A family business.  So far he is diggin it and I can see it in his smile.   He is coming alive again.  I am so proud of him.  

A big ol ship engine
Hope everyone is having a great summer.   We are currently have thunder and showers. 

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