Tuesday, September 4, 2012

She's FIVE

My baby is 5.
 My Sweet, Fiesty, Nurturing, Loving, Bossy, Smart, Strong Willed and oh so Precious girl is another year older today.
 How does time pass so quickly.

I pray pray pray that her birth mother knows how very loved this little peanut is. SO LOVED!
 So Cherished.  I marvel at just how lucky I am to be her momma and I know her daddy feels the same.

Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter.  We LOVE you.


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! They are growing up way too fast.

1001tears said...

Happy Day! Such sweet words about her birth mother. I often wonder the say things. I pray that she knows how loved, treasured, and cherished she is. Blessings!