Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Precious Jiangxi Friends

We met 4 years ago in Beijing China.  (o.k I just got chills from that thought)  

Our daughters placed in our arms the same day in the same hotel in Nanchang.

Let me tell you this is one of "those" families.  I wish I was a fly on their wall because I think I would learn allot about love and respect and kindness and patience.   GOOD people. 

Pretty in Pink 4 years ago

Enjoying some girl time October 2012

giving each other tattoos

This is one DARLING girl

being silly

This is the momma and let me tell you she is a GOOD one  She has one of those homes that you feel so welcome and comfortable in.

They took us the the little neighborhood farm to show us their horses.  It was fun for us city girls!  sorry not pictures to prove it.

We had a great day!!  The hour and a half drive to see them is so very worth it. 

and I have the pictures to prove it

Nanchang 2008

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