Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Bracelet

Pardon the blurry picture.

This was taken almost 4 years ago in Beijing China.  

Yes the best trip of my life.

I bought this lovely Jade bracelet because it is pretty but also because I am a sucker.  The lady that sold it to me told me my girls Chinese name translates to First Jade. Well this very bracelet was First quality Jade.

SOFTY me was SOLD.  and I have never looked back.  NEVER took the thing off.


Yep.  I cried

it's been a few weeks and I am still upset.  Trying to convince my hubby to go back to China and pick up another one.  he he

1 comment:

Avery Adventures said...

ugh. how did it break? Mine is not yet broken, but I fear the day!