Saturday, May 14, 2016

Going to CHINA

I am headed to China!   for TEN days!

I am excited!  and Scared!

I have never really left my family for more than a night or two.  Except when I traveled to get my baby girl but that was almost 8 years ago.  I am working on a calendar to help hubby with the chaos. We have a great support system.

We (my friend who happens to be the director of our adoption agency)  are going to FIVE different orphanages.  FIVE!!! I  am bringing my camera.   We get to meet "the kids"  and hang out with them hopefully get to know them.  

You can't hear me squealing . . . but I get to hold and play with sweet little orphans.  The magnitude of this is still sinking in.

This is a dream!!!

I have a feeling I will be broken yet filled with joy when I return.

Stay tuned!

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Cheri said...

How exciting!! That is something that I always wanted to do. I loved everything about of trips to China...except the flight. I can't wait to hear more.