Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Foster update

Our little foster girl - I call her Little Miss.

We have had this sweet, argumentative, music loving girl for 4 months now.  There was an article in the news paper about the abuse her and her siblings endured.  She is a kid with a significant amount of trauma in her life and significant amount of behaviors that go with the trauma.

Little Miss has been in therapy for several months now.  Today I had a care-giver apt with her therapist.  She pointed out to me how much healing has happened in our Little Miss' life.  Wow!!  Several months ago the therapist asked me why I do this/fostering . . . "I don't know!"  "I guess I feel called"  I really had no real reason except it is what I am supposed to be doing.  It feels clear to me and, hubby said Yes.  Today our lovely therapist reminded me of the "calling" and how I followed my "gut" (other sessions she has reminded me to follow my instincts because they are good)  She went on to say whatever Faith you have is leading you well because Little Miss has done a lot of healing with your love and care.

We are doing hard stuff, really hard stuff but when I hear how much we have impacted Little Miss' life my faith is renewed.

We may be saying goodbye to Little Miss soon.  For a long time I was very ready to say goodbye because I was so "done" and frustrated. Who am I kidding  . . . this is gonna be hard and sad.  I will miss her.  Thankfully goodbye won't be forever but a new chapter and relationship will begin.

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