Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Naomi

15 months old

9.3.09 11pm

Naomi ChuYu you are almost 2 years old. As I go to bed the night before your 2nd birthday I reminisce, a bit differently than I do about your brothers birthdays. I am not thinking back 2 years ago remembering my big belly or being in labor. I think of your birth mom/China Mommy she was the one with a big belly and labor pains. I am the one who gets to hold you and love you and sing to you on your birthday. I get to see you laugh and cry and experience life (oh! how you live life to the fullest). I am sure that every year on your birthday your China mommy thinks of you and misses you and wonders about you. I wish I could tell her how much you are loved by so many. Your brothers adore you even though you drive them nuts. Your grandparents (you really have grandpas heart), your aunts and uncles, cousins and family friends. How feisty and fiery you are, how in tune you are to the people and things around you, how you run and giggle (today we were out and about and you ran straight into my arms with a huge smile on your face . . . heaven!) I wish she could see your beautiful smile and your sweet hands and feet. Oh how grateful I am that she let you go. I love kissing your hurts away (you ask for this now)I love that we both get to love you. I love that you are sound asleep in our home in your bed right where God put you.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

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3 Peanuts said...

Hi Amy,

You were the high bidder on that navy tunic top. Please e-mail me at so that I may send you a paypal invoice. As soon as you pay it, I will mail the top. Thank you!!!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Little Lady! What's up with the ebay reply on this comment section? I haven't been keeping up to date on your blog. You do such a good job, I feel like you should be getting a little extra pay for this!!!