Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ice Cream Celebration

We started this summer with swimming lessons for the boys (I decided not to do mommy and me lessons with Naomi mostly because I didn't want to walk in circles singing nursery rhymes, bad mom?? NOPE) Anyway the first 3 weeks I had to lower Nathaniel into the pool kicking and screaming, I continued the lessons because after 30 seconds in the water he was fine. Today, second to last lesson of the summe, this screamer was jumping off of the diving board . . . Hence the cause for celebration. YOU GO THANIE!!!

Zach has also improved tremendously, in the beginning he could not pass the swim test (you know the one they make you take so you can go to the deep end of the pool) now he can pass and loves the diving board, water slide and rope swing.
I am really so proud of both of you. And thanks for giving us a reason to get Ice cream tonight.

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