Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Time

We needed a little family time. The boys did not have school on Friday and Pete needed to take some vacation before he lost it. We headed to Ocean Shores for just one night, it was low key but so nice to have some time together without homework or chores.

Daddy and his girls. Aspen enjoyed the beach she was not out chasing seagulls or playing in the waves but she was with us and loved layin in the sun.

I love that Naomi is with us. I was pushing her in her stroller down the beach I looked down at her, she was sound asleep with her pink sweatshirt and pink blankie. I am still in complete amazement that she is my daughter and finally with us. JOY!!!

Thanie flying his kite. Kites and Ocean just go hand in hand. Why is it so fun to fly a kite??

The boys made this super cool sand village.

Zach in action

Three little monkeys watching Saturday morning cartoons.

On our way home we stopped in Olympia to visit the capital, So Beautiful. I took lots of pictures, I will post more soon.
We had a nice night away. The boys loved the pool at the hotel and we enjoyed each others company. Often we get to caught up in the day to day stuff that we forget to enjoy each other. We needed that reminder.
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Carrie said...

Looks like you guys had some nice family time. It is so easy to get caught up doing the routine, isn't it?! ;)

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

What a nice be able to take some time and truly spend quality time TOGETHER...Life can get so mundane and we tend to lose ourselves in that..kinda where I am now...with all the running around with activities, school work, chores and work...yikes..I need a mini-break
Luv the little pink sweater..Serena has the same one...