Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Farm

This year we got to go to the Farm as a family of five. I remember last year we were still waiting . . . I hated the waiting, it was hard.

Here she is picking her very own pumpkin for her first Halloween

Because she is cute and she has black cowboy cowgirl boots on

My peeps watching the tractor

Thanie picked this nice and tall pumpkin

My pretty girl

Pumpkin Jumping . . .

Not such a good idea, you should have seen his tushie

What a handsome young man . . . and he is mine . . . lucky momma

Oh! how I love them

Sometimes pumpkin farms make you sad, I guess

Sister and brother

Align Center


I love it when daddy is hanging with the kids and I get to stand back and admire

Lord please don't let him ask for a kitten, he might just get one if he looks this sweet and adorable holding it.

PS please don't tell Zach I called him sweet or adorable, he might die from embarrassment . . . I think it might be the dimples and freckles and knowing that he surely would keel over
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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

I love your pics!! It looks as though you had such a special day. I keep looking back to last year as well. But it makes this year so special since we are experiencing our first with our Rao girls. Aren't we the luckiest mommy's in the world? And your better be careful...they are going to have the girls chasing them in no time.
And by the way...that kitty is so cute!

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Very nice post Amy! Your kids are adorable. I loved the pumpkin jumping!

lauriet said...

Oh my god, Zach should DEFINITELY get a kitten. Then we'd know someone with a kitten that we could come over and play with them ...and then go home, kitten-free! :) hum...Christmas IS coming...