Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doctors Appointments

Busy Day . . .

Naomi has a regular check-up with a blood draw. She hates going to the doctor and she really hates to get her blood drawn. Can't blame her. I am sure her experiences in China were pretty painful.

My little Thanie has his annual Cardiology appointment, for those who don't know he has Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. The first year of this little boys life was scary for us. He was happy and relatively healthy, but he has a syndrome and it took a while to get that diagnosis. He was born on Christmas eve and on Christmas day the pediatrician saw him and wanted to check for Downs Syndrome, what seemed like 2 weeks later we found out he did not have Downs. Then the hunt for what it was . . . I will tell his story someday, soon.

Making that cardio appointment seems to bring me back to that first year of his life of uncertain times, we must have seen Dr. Stam 6 times that first year. Great doctor but scary times. Pray that all goes well today.

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A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Many prays today...for your family.