Monday, January 4, 2010

FIrst Day of School

Naomi started school today. She "qualified" for the birth to 3 program where she is receiving speech therapy. What a blessing. Nathaniel attended this program and I was so excited when Naomi "qualified" Nothing quite compares to how these teachers work with the kids, they are terrific. They remind me of some of the tricks and strategies to parenting.

She had a good time. She is so outgoing and eager to have fun.

The standardized testing that "qualified" her says she is developmentally at an 18 month old socially, I think most of this stems from lack of speech and being bounced around in life.

Sometimes people look at me like I am crazy when i sound so excited that she is delayed. I am mostly excited that she gets to go to the wonderful school and I am not the least bit worried that she won't catch up. She will, someday. I am hoping for some strategies on helping with her frustration, screaming and anxiety. In the mean time her and I get to go to school together. Yes, I am with her the entire time, so no real letting go here.
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Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Ty "qualified" in three areas. Probably by May he will only qualify in one area. It is fun to see them interact with the other kids. Count your blessings on the awesome teachers! That's awesome.

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Amy..that is great that you got her early intervention..I am going to get Leanna tested in a month or so to see if she qualifies. She is lacking in the speech department and is quite frustrated by it. I missed early intervention with my second daughter and I promised myself I would never MISS it again if any of my other children were delayed in an area. I did not realize that antoinette was speech delayed until she was about missing the boat..after that I kept my eyes OPEN...With early intervention they come to your home which makes it so much easier. With Antoinette I had to go out for the therapy.
We'll see what happens with LeeLee.
It is not that your happy that there is a delay..just that YOU recognize it and are addressing it..I know how you feel..I kind of feel proud of myself for staying on top of it with Leanna...will keep you posted..

and Baby Makes 11! said...

Happy 1st day of school sweet Naomi! That is awesome that you have such a terrific program available.
Sheri (from your Faith family)