Saturday, January 9, 2010

Each time Thanie has a heart appointment I get myself all geared up I worry. I am his mom and that is what we mom's do.


And each year (excluding the first) as we leave the clinic I feel joy and gratefulness in a way that I did not know until my little man was born.

His heart sounded pretty good. Until next year.

My little Mei was the most pitiful, scared little thing I have seen in a long time. She DID NOT LIKE o.k HATED the blood draw. I think the Tech felt sorry for her . . . check out the life sized Teddy.

She kept looking at her Teddy then the red badage then me. I almost ate her up. So stinkin cute

Something about walking out of Childrens Hospital with my most valuable little people makes my heart soar. Don't know why, but I sure feel it.

Maybe because when I am there I am just their mom 100% in it for them. I like that.
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