Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in Pictures

Just in case you can't quite tell who's pumpkin is what . . .  Nathaniel made "Jump Rope Guy"
Zach 's is a mummy and Naomi made Hello Kitty

We had a bunch of neighbors over for a quick dinner before we all went trick-or-treating. At one point I counted 20 kids never counted the parents but all the kids had at least one parent most had two.  We had a great time but I never got out my camera.  You know kinda busy getting dinner on the table.

These pictures are from today.  I tried to just forget about getting shots of the kids but it just did not seem right.  I NEED them for history.

So here goes

My girl was an Fall Fairy, she never put on her costume yesterday. Too scary!!

Truth be told she really wanted to be a green apple.  We went to the fabric store to get the supplies but when we got there this costume was 70% off . . . I was sold.  I kinda "sold" her on it.  This mamma does not know how to sew.

Look how beautiful she looks as an Autumn Fairy

Pirate Zach


Ninja Nathaniel


Football and Fried Rice said...

I LOVe the Hello Kitty pumpkin!! Adorable! I am glad that your little fairy wasnt as scared as she thought she might be when it came down to it!! Halloween was a success!

Anonymous said...

Happy ÇHalloween

From Madrid - Spain

Agustin , Patri , Ana