Friday, June 17, 2016


Oh My Gosh!! Ya'll donated big!!  

I was waiting for this post because I needed this picture.  Ha!  I know it is probably the least exciting photo of all time.  Honestly it is BIG!!

First let me fill you in on what it is.  Drum roll please . . . A/C Unit.  FOR THE KIDS!!  Let me tell you it was HOT on that second floor orphanage.  

And just so you can see some of the precious faces it will help comfort this summer and in years to come.  

Not only are we keeping these sweet kids cool.  This gift opened the door to a new agreement with Agape Adoptions and the orphanage.  This  means they can place these kids with forever families.    This is GOOD GOOD news!!

We were also able to bring these treats to the kids at a different orphanage.   The first thing they went for was the Milk!

Then there was all of this . . . I schlepped  3 50lb suitcases along with my carry-ons.  No Joke!!  Myriam did the same.  We got quite the stares.  

We were able to give to all 5 orphanages!  Thank you!

Myriam and I both THANK YOU so very much!

On a personal note it meant a lot to me to have all of your love and support.  Thank you just isn't enough!

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Loyola said...

I'm glad I could have the chance to help, even though it was just a little. Thank YOU!