Friday, June 3, 2016


Next up is Luke.  He is pictured bellow with Mimi but it is his turn to be in the spot light.

He just turned 9 and lives with Mimi (see below)  

Luke loved the sunglasses we brought for him and his friends, along with the stickers and balloons.  

We had to get a photo of his awesome eyes without the glasses.  Isn't he so handsome!

Here he is participating in the music performance.  

He rocked it! and I kinda think he knew he did great!  

This little guy has androgyny (female appearance, male chromosome).  He did not let us see his "parts"  for which I am grateful that he has that boundary.   We are working on getting a little more clarification on his SN.   

Here I am feeling so proud to be with these darling boys!  It really was an honor to hang out with them for even just a short time.

Luke was smart and engaging.  He followed us around  the entire time we were there.  Luke is age appropriate, makes great eye contact and seems developmentally appropriate.

Sweet Luke would love to have a family of his very own.  Imagine how much he would grow and thrive knowing what it feels like to be loved, protected, respected and cared for.  I pray that Luke knows this very very soon.

Please contact Myriam at Agape Adoptions or me for more information.

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