Monday, December 1, 2008

Final post from China

Our group photo, we have spent almost 2 weeks with these families . . . it has been very fun getting to see everyone's family grow.
Grandpa and Naomi
Auntie Kim and Naomi
Myriam and me. This is the woman that found us our sweet little girl. I will be forever grateful for her. She has been there for us during this entire adoption process and it has been so great to complete the journey with her here.

It is Monday night here in Guangzhou. (Internet costs $10/day) I probably won't be posting again until we reach Seattle. We leave Wednesday morning China time and arrive in Seattle Wednesday at 11:30 AM (kind of Back to the Future ish). I look forward to seeing all our friends and family.

Tuesday is my swearing in at the US Consulate. After that Naomi will be ours in the eye's of China and the US. (well sort of we have lots more paper work since daddy was not here) We are approved by China and the US . . . HIP HIP HOORAY!!

It feels a bit sad that this part of our journey is over. We have had an amazing time (highs and lows). I am glad the Kim and my dad were able to make it with me. . . I will remember and Cherish it always. I can't wait to see my boy's (big and little) I miss them and so look forward to seeing, hugging and kissing them.

Lots of Love from China . . . May the next leg of our journey be as wonderful as the last . . . see you all soon. Finally a family of five . . . the next chapter
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Ali said...

Hey Amy,

Sounds like you probably won't get this until you get back but wanted to let you know we are all thinking of you and Naomi as you travel. The pics are fun. The group baby one is great. Naomi just seems to be taking it all in.

Can't wait to see you. I'm sure you will be wanting some down time with the family when you get back but let us know when we can get together and celebrate your new little one.

:), Ali

NWFamilyK said...

I am at work reading this with tears in my eyes. Naomi looks so happy - the picture with your dad and her is precious. She has such a big smile.

Although I love all the pictures, I love the red couch pics - that is when I welled up with tears as I know how hard everyone worked for that day (especially you).

I am so glad that it is finally happening for you. Looking forward to seeing the Family of Five sometime soon!!!
Take care - travel safe!

Tiff&Maddy said...

Hi Amy!
I just got caught up with all the blogs! I am so excited for you and the boys! Naomi is so very lucky to have you all. I can't stop crying!! We can't wait to meet her. She is absolutely beautiful!
We love you all!
Tiffany & Maddy

steeboo said...

I know you'll be jet-lagged when you get home on Wednesday but I can't wait to hear/see you live! I hope your homecoming is all you've imagined! Can't wait to see you and your family of 5!


Avery Adventures said...

So sweet-you made me cry!! I LOVED being able to be there with you too! I had such a wonderful time with you and look forward to our new foudn friendship! Myriam :))